We’ve had an amazing year here at No Such Thing as a Bully! Rebuilding and reshaping continues as the reach of Moment of Kindness expands and as new people are met! I’ve come to believe that will always be the case in this business as part of providing the best services and ideas possible.

Stacey Birney was an amazing practicum student, and facilitated an event that created lots of buzz and fun in Red Deer! The event “Be Kind to Yourself” brought together amazing professionals and patrons who experienced self care services, many for free! We look forward to holding another event like this!

Cake from Central Alberta Co-op! The cake was much enjoyed by all!
Henna Tattoos!
The Poster! Sponsors were added and added making several versions!
If you missed it, you’ll need to come for a free massage next time!!

Amazing Sponsors!!

Three old friends! Kimmy Krochak Bonnet, Trevor Stoyko, Kelly Karius

Melville Saskatchewan had the first Moment of Kindness Rally and Walk! You can see by the pictures how much fun people had!

We wrote on the pavement for blocks and blocks!
Happy people come together, let your light shine!
Powerful kindness energy!!!
I do love when people pledge kindness by signing the #kindnesscar.
And a little one will lead them all.

The Kindness Car traveled far and wide, and even though it seems full, there is always room for more signatures, if you want Kelly and the car at your event!

Planning for 2018 has begun. We want to spread the word far and fast about this new way of managing bullying. We want to provide opportunities for people to be kind! If you are interested in knowing what you can do to support this work, please ask!! Want to arrange a kindness rally in your community? We’ll give you our template, share information and support in every way we can.