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September 18 to 20, 2019 and October 23 to 25, 2019
Recreation Center, Pigeon Lake, Alberta
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There are a lot of people who want to do more about bullying in their family,  at their job and in their homes. There are a lot of people who are speaking about bullying already, but who want to increase their skill, or change the perception of bullying. If this describes you, you might be interested in No Such Thing as a Bully Certification Training.  

The No Such Thing as a Bully System presents very different perceptions about bullying. We teach that all people, adults and children are capable of using both bully actions and victim responses. One set of skills  prevents both of these ways of behaving. We provide these tools to school staff, parents, students and community members. We promote teamwork in solving the problem. We align with the Moment of Kindness Foundation, because kindness is the opposite of bullying and we’ll get more of what we focus on.

What do participants get from certification?

  • Opportunity to be a community advocate with a plan
  • Support while dealing with bullying issues in one’s own community
  • Support while dealing with bullying issues in other communities
  • A deeper knowledge of the ideas and tools in No Such Thing as a Bully
  • Ability to facilitate programming for parents groups, student groups or individuals
  • Potential income generator (affiliate sales)
  • Website membership, service and support (with ongoing membership)
  • Invaluable ongoing training

Certification means you can use the NSTAAB material to facilitate:

  • Community Immersions
  • School Immersions
  • Classroom Sessions
  • Parent/Community Workshops
  • Coaches Workshops
  • Business Conflict Management Seminars