By Brit
Burgerslinger isn’t just a book; it’s a diary; a journal; a pen pal; a friend. It’s you. It’s me. It’s any of us who have been in a tough position before and have had to put aside our own personal pursuits in order to make ends meet. Some days are harder than others – but the point is that you shouldn’t give up. You never know who’s going to walk in – or walk out – and ignite the winds of change. There’s a burgerslinger in all of us, whether we’ve slung burgers or not. Life isn’t easy. Dealing with people for eight hours a day certainly isn’t easy. Perhaps nothing is easy. But what’s that old saying – it’s not the destination, but the journey? Burgerslinger is the journey – understanding and appreciation is the destination.

Filled with humor and lessons to reflect on, I’d recommend Burgerslinger to those who sling burgers and to those who do not. You never know what you will take away from this book. So – cozy up on the couch, open a bottle of wine, and get slingin’.

By Susan Beane
This book was written just as the author was going through some big changes in her life. It’s filled with lots of great insight into herself and the people she encounters on this new, surprising journey. Any of us could find ourselves in circumstances completely frightening and unknown to us at any time. Could we face it and succeed as she has? I honestly hope I never find out, but I have learned some lessons from her story!

Kelly, I hope there will be more ‘dear diary’ chapters to come!

By Charlene Bolton
So I waited until everyone was in bed and settled down on my comfy couch and opened up Burgerslinger. As I was reading your diary, I actually felt my heart hurting, felt your tiredness and felt my feet hurting like hell from standing up all day and working at the restaurant. The mental strain that a person is placed under when her world is turned upside down is almost unbearable. I said ALMOST unbearable. “Wonder Woman Kelly” shows all of us that, hidden deep down inside of our souls is a fighter that comes out swinging! I loved the fast pace of the book and how you wrote it just as you were thinking it and saying it. It kind of gives everyone hope and the idea to always have a goal in mind and something that will make us reach for the stars. Kicking and screaming and clawing our way towards that goal is what makes us get up out of our beds each morning and trudge through one more day on this planet. I felt your pain sweet lady. But I also felt every single victory, whether it was small or large that came your way. Having some of the most AMAZING friends ever is always a huge plus!! I loved it!

By Mary Lascelles (PALO CEDRO, CA, US)
Kelly – I ordered your book – “Burgerslinger: They Say it Gets Easier” – which came in very short order. Loved that it has the publishing date of 9 Oct 2013. I was able to read it over the w/e. You are one strong cookie. Your world was turned upside down in the midst of working hard on your No Such Thing as a Bully project. You were put in a position to find a new place to live and a job that would pay NOW. If it weren’t for good friends… Good for you working in the restaurant and learning what it’s like to walk in fast food employees’ shoes. It sounds like HARD work alright! The work in the restaurant will be valuable in the work that calls you – in understanding people even better. Thanks for letting us in on your world during this unique time in your life. You found some special silver linings in the dark cloud that appeared rather abruptly. You could either give in or rise to the occasion. As your dad once said, “If you found your way in, you can find your way out.” And you did! I look forward to Burgerslinger2! My best, Mary

Robert L. Flenner “muzik luvr” (Greenwich, CT)
I loved this book. I have known Kelly for a number of years on LinkedIn as well as Facebook and this book was funny, heart breaking and ultimately very, very uplifting. This book is REAL. Kelly has a great eye for detail and such a clear writing style. It made me laugh, it brought a misty thing into my eye but most of all, I grew a hell of a lot more respect for the person behind the book. Not only am I glad I know Kelly, but I am certainly very happy to have this book.

Well done, milady!

By Troy C. (Regina, SK)
This was a good read of someone who is a counsellor/fixer going thru a major life upheaval and being on the other side and dealing with the crap that comes with it, but without forgetting who she actually is and keeping the sense of humor that has always been a part of her…..

By Tabatha Trottier (Red Deer AB)
I began reading this book one evening and couldn’t put it down until I finished it. This is a book everyone should read…especially when it comes to how others treat fast food employees.

By Kathy Stewart (Melville, SK)
Emotions and reality rule these words! I laughed, cried, cheered, and then did all three at the same time! It seriously doesn’t get any more real…life goes on and only seems interesting as we reflect. As we live it, I honestly think we are really just wanting tomorrow and then somehow want to want to cling to yesterday; or what it is we know.

Cheers to the author of Burgerslinger, she had me at not being able to spell resterant 🙂

Cheryl M. Red Deer
I sat down with this book today as soon as I picked it up from the post office. Even though I have read most of the entries on facebook, it still made me laugh a lot, tear up a little and once again be amazed at my friend Kelly’s journey to success through hard work, dedication and laughter. She proves that everyday is a new day no matter whats going on in your life and sometimes you just have to push through all the hard stuff and go on. Kelly and her book, Burgerslinger are truly an inspiration to everyone having a tough time or a rough day, wondering how the bills will get paid, but still serving it up with a smile and a kind word. As her “manager friend”, I truly understand how she felt working this job. It’s a tough job somedays and sometimes it feels like there is always someone complaining about something and your feet hurt like hell and you wonder to yourself if it is worth it in the end. I’m here to tell you that it is definitely worth it especially if you ever in your life get to work with someone like Kelly Karius or to even just know someone like her. I have been blessed with both of those things. Cherish those moments cause someone like Kelly probably only comes into you life once in a lifetime. Love the book “miss” Kelly. In the future, when I am having a crap day I will pick up this book and be inspired once again. Good job my friend. It will get easier! –Cheryl