Employers have the opportunity of receive a customized training package, suited to their needs.

This training can include, but is not limited to:
  • No Such Thing as a Bully® Training
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator Facilitation
  • Mediation Services for Team Conflict
 Attendees will:
  • understand their own reactions to conflict
  • learn new ways to manage their own thinking
  • understand the root cause of conflict
  • learn new tools to prevent conflict from occurring
  • strategize about managing conflict in their own workplace

The intention of this training is to have it meet the needs of your organization. Kelly Karius has a great deal of experience in organizations including Health Districts, Aircraft, Insurance Agencies, manufacturers and government agencies.

Cheryl Denesowych, of Yorkton Aircraft Service, is a past client of Kelly’s. Hear a past radio ad containing her reference here! (disregard contact information, see below instead).

This training is a positive way to provide growth for managers, human resources and employee groups, while contributing to children’s well being through the Moment of Kindness Project.

    • $2500/day


To access this service, contact kelly@nosuchthingasabully.com or 403-447-4404.


Conflict Management Training Flyer (PDF)