This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 65134041_439831829940168_6072317177896108032_n-177x300.jpgLocated in Canada, Kelly Karius began her career in child protection, in 1999. Seeing service holes from a system point of view, Kelly left soon after to establish a private practice in Melville, SK.
Wearing several hats during that time, Kelly was an expert witness in matters relating to the custody and access of children; she performed adoption home studies, facilitated divorce and family mediation and provided extensive counselling services.
She published her first book in 2004, “This is Out of Control! A Practical Guide to Managing Life’s Conflicts” using the helpful book to create conflict management seminars for several corporate structures. Kelly has written several more works, which can be found here.
Within six months of starting her practice Kelly was asked to be an advocate on behalf of several children whose parents felt they were being mistreated and abused by a principal/teacher in their school. It was a difficult situation, and bully actions and victim responses could be seen in all of the participants in the drama, from students right up to the Department of Education. This early experience impacted Kelly’s career greatly, and while she was performing other tasks, the issue of bullying was never far from her mind.
The combination of Kelly’s conflict management, counselling and personal experiences resulted in the creation of the No Such Thing as a Bully® System. Ms. Karius has been writing and evolving the No Such Thing as a Bully® system for several years, while testing the material with people at a micro level. She has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience, which is successfully integrated into the products and services of the No Such Thing as a Bully® System.

The system changes language and theory around bullying issues. All of us use bully actions and victim responses. When we acknowledge this, we can begin to put the skills in place that prevent both. We also partner with smart tools to create a system for schools, parents and community to use, teach and live to increase positive strategies for managing the bullying issue. You’ll want to look into this more if you happen to be a student, parent, teacher, administrator, business person, community member or a human being.

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Most recently, Kelly has partnered with a colleague to create the non-profit foundation Moment of Kindness.
To contact Kelly:
phone 403-447-4404


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    School Setting Bullying Prevention Presentations include:
    Cutknife School
    Consort School
    Westpark Middle School
    Samson Elementary School
    Samson Middle School
    Ermineskin High School
    St. Thomas Aquinas School
    Maryview School
    Louis Bull School

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