Happy New Year Friend!

Oh no!

It’s a new year’s resolution message!!!
Or is it?


This message is inviting resolutions to happen whenever you’re ready. Don’t put too much new year’s pressure on yourself. Sometimes the pressure will just lead you to fail more quickly to get that pressure off!
There are different degrees of readiness for change. People can think about making a change for a long time before actually taking the necessary steps to put it together!

No Such Thing as a Bully has information about goal setting and if you’d like a special Facebook live, just for you, let me know! No pressure!

In the meantime, enjoy the fresh slate of a new year, embrace the changes that you are ready to make, and realize that everything comes in good time, as it is meant and as it is intended. Our learning is about building blocks – one on top of the other. Just put the next one on, and relish in it. The journey is just as important as the goal.

Blessings to you and yours all year around.