The school counsellor is often the most under-rated under-noticed, over-worked person in the school. Do you know one? Your assignment today is to pass along this email to a school counsellor. Often a school counsellor covers more than one school. Their time and energy is a sparse resource and  they question if their efforts are helping. Their hands are often tied by policy or administration. They feel uncertain of their path at times.

No Such Thing as a Bully certification training increases confidence. The tools – including CBT methods converted for classrooms – are available easily online.  Training can be accessed on the counsellor’s own time frame. The system promotes group work and team efforts. When the school jumps on board this helps to make good use of the counsellor’s time.

When a school also invests in TIPS, consistent reporting and investigation is in place.  When the policy is used, appropriate growth consequences ca be implemented. The system gives a counsellor a solid resource to give to parents, allowing the parents to do the work with their own child. Certification can even improve income in counsellor private practices!

Every school counsellor deserves to be supported in their work with our precious children. No child deserves to slip through the cracks. Help your school counsellor find support, with No Such Thing as a Bully.

Click forward on this email to send to your school counsellor or your school principal.

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