COUNSELLORS! CONFLICT CONSULTANTS! PARENT with a story who wants to blend it with skills? SPORTS PROFESSIONAL talking about bullying?
Add the skills and resources taught to No Such Thing as a Bully Certified Facilitators to your bag of professional tricks!


Does your SCHOOL need help? Is your COMMUNITY having bullying problems, or even deeper problems? We have skills and resources for schools and communities right here. Anyone can help to bring peace to their corner of the world!

Here you will find everything else that you could be looking for.
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PARENTS! We know your pain. You are a guider of young minds, hearts and spirits. You are charged with inspiring them to be the very best they can. And then society gets in the way. Here are resources to help you teach your child to be strong, and to avoid using both bully actions and victim responses.


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No Such Thing as a Bully partners with MOMENT OF KINDNESS and other sponsors to bring Action Cards to your community.
This is Random Acts of Kindness meets Technology, and you will want to be involved!