I’m a pretty huge Dragon’s Den/Shark Tank fan. I even auditioned for Dragon’s Den once. A great experience even if I didn’t get a call back.
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There’s something that Kevin O’Leary says often that sticks with me – for myself and for all of my colleagues who are working with their minds and their creative talents. We develop a level of expertise through experience that becomes necessary to express…through books, through teaching, through talking. But the bottom line is that if we get hit by a bus, our business closes shop.

We have a mission at No Such Thing as a Bully. We’ve created the base of a system, and it’s time to spread the word through certification. One or two people can’t reach the whole world, so we need your help. Let us teach you to impact your community. Let us help you help your community to rise up with kindness, mentorship and strong skills that prevent bully actions and victim responses.

If Ron and I happen to both get hit by a bus, we want the ideas, skills, tools, mentorship, policy and best practices of No Such Thing as a Bully System® to continue. Join us!

SEPTEMBER 2, 3, 4, 2014 – 1:30 to 4:00
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