Kelly Karius and the tools in contained in the  No Such Thing as a Bully System assist with managing strong emotions, and even healing them.
Follow these links to learn more about using NSTAAB in situations of:

*Feeling lost
*Needing encouragement

Living in a good way means paying attention to all four quadrants of the medicine wheel, our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves.

Living in a good way means living with purpose. It means finding ways to nurture, to protect and to teach the people in our community.

Living in a good way means acknowledging your own greatness, and the greatness of others.

Living in a good way means empowering yourself with your own skills, qualities and resilience.

Living in a good way means understanding the interdependence and interactions between yourself and your community.

Living in a good way means living by the seven Cree Lessons – Wisdom, Love, Respect, Bravery, Honesty, Humility and Truth.

Kelly Karius has a great deal of experience in First Nations Communities. She has great respect for the culture and for the assistance of elders. She believes in seeking the strengths of her clients. Kelly can help you find your path to living in a good way.  She can help you with issues like depression, anxiety, goal setting and follow through, self development, understanding personality with the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, and more.

Kelly uses a combination of strength-based, cognitive behavioral therapy tools and action-based solution-focused counselling to help you work through your crisis and prevent future problems. She is registered with the Alberta Association of Social Workers and the Canadian Association of Social workers.

To access counselling, send an email to or call 403-447-4404. Pay for each hour of counselling with this link.  Investment is $110.00 per one hour session.  Goal plans are created for five sessions. Kelly believes in few sessions and more homework in between.  You are welcome to an initial no cost 15 minute phone call to determine if Kelly is the right fit for a counsellor for you.

The format used for counselling services is video calling with ZOOM. It is free to download here: Please download and check that it’s working on your computer prior to our first appointment.