It’s amazing how the simple tool of deep breathing can change and repair so many things in your body. Generally, as we go through our days, we don’t use the fullness of our lung muscles.

We’ve also been trained that there are certain ways to do this deep breathing, and this can make us shy away from doing it. We assure you, the best process is the most natural one. Simply slowly breathe in, filling your lungs to full capacity. Don’t hold your breath at the top of the breath, once your lungs are full just start slowly releasing the air. Take note of the method most comfortable for you, through your nose or your mouth.

Some tips:
Some people find it helpful to visualize positive energy entering their body on the in breath, and negative energy leaving their body on the out breath.

Some people find it helpful to keep a count along with their breath, to keep their mind focused. Count to the number most comfortable for you and your breath.

Some people find it helpful to breath in through their nose and out through their mouth, or vice versa. Take note of what feels most comfortable and meditative for you.

Some people find it helpful to release the breath along with a sound, visualizing negative energy leaving their body.

There are many types of meditation. Our favorite is guided meditation, which helps you target messages to whatever you need. There are many many guided meditations available on We suggest you use search terms that are relevant to you. Some examples: “guided meditation and anxiety” or guided meditation and stress” “guided meditation to release negative energy”, guided meditation for insomnia”

Some tips:
Guided meditation is similar to light self hypnosis. A search may also pull up hypnosis. Try what you feel comfortable with.

If you feel you neeed to move, readjust, cough, or whatever during a meditaiton, go ahead and do so.

You may be distracted when you begin. It gets easier and easier to focus your mind the more you use meditation.

Once you are very good at meditaiton, you will be able to grab the peace you feel during meditation without needing to go through the whole process of relaxation.