Connect the dots with No Such Thing as a Bully and the TIPS prevention platform!


Awareity is an amazing organization that seeks to eliminate common and dangerous gaps with incident reporting, threat assessment, collaboration, secure information sharing and monitoring that lessons learned reveal can lead to Tragedy. Rick Shaw and his team have spent years developing a next generation prevention platform to help youth, families and schools more effectively manage and prevent bullying, cyber bullying and other related student safety challenges.

We believe that Awareity’s TIPS is an essential component to the No Such Thing as a Bully System. Implementing incident reporting without having the right tools to track the reports and connect all the right dots is one of the biggest mistakes schools make. The TIPS prevention platform and the work being done by Awareity is an essential piece of the system recommended by the No Such Thing as a Bully team.

Studies and surveys reveal things getting better 15% of the time when they make incident reports. We MUST do better than this.
For more information about how schools are proactively intervening, preventing and managing crisis’ BEFORE they happen,click here!
For information about the Gapademic schools are experiencing, see Rick Shaw’s writing here. This does more than just managing bullying! It’s intended to prevent all types of tragedy and crisis within a school.




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