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Artist – Bevan Pacholko

These training sessions only provide a very basic view of the No Such Thing as a Bully system. The session enables some of the skills/lessons from the program, as well as providing some of the lessons to schools and parents for free on a webpage.

Skill based training may be used in schools for classrooms, or assemblies.

The sessions may include (but not limited to):

  • Fight or flight response
  • Automatic thoughts
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Cyberbullying prevention

Half day (order here!) or full day training may also be arranged for school staff or parents/community.


School investment per half day:

Kelly Karius
Red Deer, Alberta, Canada – $700
Central Alberta (Red Deer Area) – $700 plus mileage up to 100 Km

Ron Graham
Akron, Ohio, US – $700 for local seminars
Northeast Ohio (Akron/Canton/Cleveland Area) – $700 plus mileage over 25 miles

A full day is a bargain at $1100!