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Kids need leadership right from the start about how to stand up for others, how to prevent bully actions and how to create a culture of kindness. #Bullying often leads to depression and anxiety. What starts out as bullying from others ends up as bullying oneself. Help our children tame their anxiety, retrain their thoughts and gain back confidence. Adults can't imagine experiencing what children deal with everyday. It's time for us to see sense. It doesn't have to be like this. The sense of being alone, the drain on a family's resources, the unbridled emotion. It doesn't have to be like this. Kids tell adults over and over, but adults often can't help. So kids stop telling. C'mon adults, let's learn the right ways to help our youth. It takes a community to keep our children safe, in all ways, including #bullying. There are ways for all adults to help. We're stronger together. Verbal #bullying is just as painful as physical bullying. Reputations get ruined, and for some people the words ring in their ears into adulthood. Let's make it stop. #nstaab Kids are online at younger and younger ages. The online pressures we're asking them to handle are unreasonable. Stay involved...check out our partner Uknowkids to see how to protect your child online.

11 smart things you can do if your child is being bullied. Why 11? Why not
When your child is bullied
11 smart things you can do if your child is using bully actions. Because he's your child, not a bully.
When your child is bullying
Most children are bystanders to bully actions at some points in their lives. Help them know what to do.
When your child is a bystander
We tell kids to use humor a lot when they're dealing with #bullying, but we don't show the how. No Such Thing as a Bully is here to help.
Teaching your child to use humor
Fighting's a tool in the toolbox - but is it always best to use your biggest hammer?
Fighting back may not be the best thing to do