Parent of a child in School.
Parent of a child in School.

Parenting is amazing. You are a guider of young minds, hearts and spirits. You are charged with inspiring them to be the very best they can. To grow in the world. To be productive and aspire to great things.

But are you tired? Are you unsure? Confused? Scared for your child’s well-being? Do you worry about being labelled a “difficult family” with regard to the issue of bullying? Do you go against your own gut in issues of your child’s well-being because of aggressive people around you? Do you react to your own victimization?

Being a parent is hard. Even when you come from a great family of your own. Especially when you come from a family that was aggressive. or passive. or abusive.

What would it look like if you DID know what to do?

  • You’d be able to heal your own personal issues. You’d have tools…and mad skills.
  • You would have a path for understanding your children’s actions and feelings.
  • You would understand the work that needs to be done at home.
  • You would know how to advocate for your child.
  • You wouldn’t have to spend money on counsellors or tutors.


As an organization, No Such Thing as a Bully doesn’t promise to end bullying in the world, just help people cope, and clean up their own corners of the world…but if bullying IS going to be ended, it’s going to begin with you… parents who can end the cycle before it even begins.

Invest in your child’s future.

Build peace in your home.


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Read Nickie Therens, (Saskatchewan Warrior Mom) experience with the No Such Thing as a Bully System. 


P.S. – Here’s a really inexpensive, solution focused booklet with a whole lot of solid ideas within…Check it out. A Helpful Guide for Real Parents with Real Children. Just one more tool to assist you to minimize conflict and bring peace to your home. Great for children up to age 12.