I am a School Principal.
I am a School Principal.

Being a school principal means juggling more balls than anyone can ever know! You are an administrator and a leader for the employees in the school. You maintain your own family at the same time. (See note from Kelly at the bottom) Bullying is just one piece of what you do, and yet sometimes when severe bullying incidents happen, it seems like everything just stops.

Everyone in the school also has different values and getting them all on board to deal with bullying the same way…well that’s a feat in itself. Consistent policy, getting buy in, dealing with parents, prioritizing the safety of students and creating a learning environment. All of these are important, while at the same time you need to be aware of budgets, curriculum and satisfying best practices requirements…it’s daunting. There is also a lack of parental and family responsibility in the issue, or at least, a lack of tools for you to provide to them.

No Such Thing as a Bully wants to help you. We provide a system that creates culture change and unity in a school community. We want to provide your whole staff with online training and lessons that will integrate with your curriculum and your policies and procedures. We want to give you tools to pull together as a team and create significant culture change within your school that will ripple out into the community.


The No Such Thing as a Bully System believes that the focus can not only be placed on schools to solve this issue. Bullying is something that occurs in and out of school and is only solved with the assistance of a child’s home. Adults need to learn the skills that prevent bully actions and victim responses and use them in their homes, just as they need to be introduced and used in schools. No Such Thing as a Bully provides tools and training for parents to assist you with sharing responsibility for solutions.

We know budget is always an issue for schools. There are many needs within a school related to the safety of students. Money needs to be easily raised and wisely spent. We can help with that. We are creating a Kindness T-Shirt Campaign, and can work with Parent/School Committees to add coupons to the books for parents and sell them.

When you become a member of the website, we provide your staff with 25 lesson plans for schools and a plan for implementing the system in your school. We can more intensively train certain staff members so that  you have staff members who are certified in teaching the No Such Thing as a Bully System. The system encourages the building of a bully prevention team within your school to carry the work forward.  Parents and families need to take more responsibility in the issue as well, and so we provide the tools to work toward consistency in positive communication skills in both homes and schools. Want to see what it involves? Ask for a temporary password.

We’ve developed a policy for you to use and adapt for your school. It has been developed using best practices ideas from PrevNet (Canada) and Bully Police USA. We provide this to schools even if they are not members of our system because we want everyone to have to tools to be better. You can find the policy at this link.

We believe that it is important to address bullying with more than trauma. The association is so strong at present that in many situations suicide seems to become almost a self fulfilling prophecy. We provide the alternative focus of kindness. Moment of Kindness Action cards are a trendy way to combine Random Acts of Kindness with technology. Focus on kindness as the opposite of bullying.

We know that there are issues with how bullying issues are reported and investigated. We want to help you with that as well. We promote an electronic system called TIPS Prevention Platform – Threat Intervention Protection System. This additional system allows electronic reporting of issues that immediately go to the bullying prevention team for investigation, according to school policy. Less balls are dropped. More dots are connected. Issues are resolved early and tragedies are prevented. This system can assist not only in bullying related issues, but also in tracking gang activity and school violence.

Ron and Kelly are working to develop Curricula matches for your state or province. This is a HUGE task! If this is important to you, please inquire.

Why Become A Member?

  • Provide your school with a low cost, school controlled system for awareness and education.
  • Create consistency between home and school in how bullying is being addressed.
  • Sound policy provided for adaptation by the school.
  • Guidance for investigation and consequences of bully actions.
  • Create a format for working with community to take pressure of schools.
  • Low cost purchasing of printed items.
  • Contribute to and benefit from a support system between user schools.
  • Provide tools to the important adults in children’s lives, including parents.
  • Receive discounts on products including online training for parents and certification of staff members.
  • Become a grassroots part of a forward thinking movement.

*Note from Kelly: My mom was a school teacher and later, a school principal. I am mortified that as a young person i didn’t understand the impact of planning a June wedding. She has been a primary consultant in my work regarding schools, and on the No Such Thing as a Bully System.