Why Become A Member?

  • All School staff receive access to the online lessons for classrooms and groups.
  • New materials available to schools online as they are produced.
  • Provide your school with a low cost, school controlled system for awareness and education.
  • Create consistency between home and school in how bullying is being addressed.
  • Sound policy provided for adaptation by the school.
  • Guidance for investigation and consequencing of bully actions.
  • Create a format for working with community to take pressure off schools.
  • Low cost purchasing of printed items.
  • Contribute to and benefit from a support system between user schools.
  • Provide tools to the important adults in children’s lives, including parents.
  • Ongoing online training available to all of your school’s staff.
  • Receive discounts on products including online training for parents and certification of staff members.
  • Become a grassroots part of a forward thinking movement.


Limited Time Offer for Schools!

Get your school’s two year membership to the No Such Thing as a Bully System websites now!!

The offer and investment amounts below are available for a short time only as we launch. They are intended for developing visionary schools who wish to make a long term plan. Please inquire. This is designed as an affordable way for a school to implement and integrate the system as a long term benefit. A school may also choose to implement all areas in the first year.

A bullying prevention system needs to be put in place in schools and communities with long term vision. The No Such Thing as a Bully system improves communication, interaction and self-worth over a period of time, and we recommend the following plan for schools;

Four year Membership Plan for Schools:

Year one: The school joins the website, giving all staff members access to the lessons online, as well as new developments. Staff at the school also have access to Facebook groups to discuss the use of the program with other member schools. The reporting app is implemented and parents are given information about the No Such Thing as a Bully Bullyproofing Protection for Parents and Children  as well as coached on proper use of the reporting app. A bullying prevention team is put in place made up of community and school members.
TIPSprevent reporting app  purchased separately if the school chooses.


Year two: The school accesses online training for their parents. The training accelerates the parents learning about coaching their kids through bullying, managing their own conflict and communication styles, and working with the school in a productive way to minimize bullying issues. A staff member or school parent becomes certified in the No Such Thing as a Bully System and is able to do extra classroom, one to one work with students and facilitate parent groups using the information.

Year three: The school purchases books for parents, reinforcing their use with parent workshops given by the certified trainer.


Year four: The school purchases a book and online training for each new family to the school.