I am a Superintendent
I am a Superintendent

You are in charge of a great many things. Keeping curriculum, evaluating teachers, creating and supporting policy, You need to be aware of finances and statistics while at the same time always knowing that the well-being of families and children are at the forefront. You want the children in your schools to want to be there, and you want your staff to be happy about coming to work every day. You want families to feel they can get resolution to problems. Bullying is just a small pat of what you deal with, but it can become a huge drain on energy and resources. It feels unnecessary and though you know children are still learning, sometimes, you just wonder where it’s all coming from and what can be done about the issue of bullying.

You may find yourself asking how to give parents more responsibility for the issue, and how to bring a school community together – both staff and students – so that bullying is simply not okay in the environment they create. You may wonder how to track bullying disclosures and evaluate interventions.

No Such Thing as a Bully can help. Through is systemic teaching of the skills that prevent both bully actions and victim responses, their courses and book for parents, and the TIPS prevention platform, No Such Thing as a Bully approaches the issue from all angles and with different perspectives.

The way the problem is defined leads us to the solution. If we define it wrong, we never solve it. That’s what’s happened with bullying. Call Kelly Karius or Ron Graham to learn a fresh perspective that can bring peace and consistency to bullying issues in your school community.

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