If you can see it, you can create it, so the first important part of goal setting is to understand how you create pictures of your future. As you do this exercise, you aren’t going to focus on the future you fear, you are going to focus on the future you can create without fear.

First assess how you plan things. Do you create pictures in your mind? Do you make lists? Mind Map? Draw pictures? If this isn’t something you’ve thought about before, I assure you it is a muscle that you can learn to exercise.

Once you establish the method you are going to use to record your visualization, ask yourself some questions – this list is intended to get you started. You will have your own questions to add:

What will be different about your life in 1 year? 5 years? 10 years?
What are small changes you want to make?
What are large changes you want to make?
What fears do you wish to overcome?
What gains do you wish to make?
How do you picture your relationships?
What do you wish for your finances?
Do you want to make any spiritual changes?
What kind of recreation and balance do you have in your life?
What values are important to you?
Which values do you live?
Which values do you need to pay attention to?

As you look at your vision, make a list of the goals that you will meet. Don’t be intimidated, because you are going to take each goal on the list and break it down into smaller steps.

Encourage yourself along the way as you complete these smaller goals. The journey is just as important as the goal. Pay attention to lessons learned along the way. These are what lead to course correction. Remember, If you can see it, you can create it!