Bullying stories abound in our society today. Bullying statistics show that children receive help only about 15% of the time when they ask for help. Suicide squads are on high alert, and we being to feel that suicide is the natural outcome of bullying.


We need to begin providing a different kind of help.

The opposite of bullying is kindness. We want to talk about kindness, and promote it. We want to create kindness in action! So many people are interested in doing Random Acts of Kindness, and we choose to create a way to track these kindnesses.

Imagine being handed a card. On it it says “momentofkindness.com” and it has the number 34. You go to the website to see what it’s all about, and you see this:
Moment of Kindness Data Base Image


You know where that card has been. And it wants you to join in. Please donate to support us building this data base. The world can hardly wait for us to get these cards distributed.

Give a gift of kindness here!