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I really need to get something out there.
It might be a small Novel when I’m done, but I need to say it, bear with me.

I have responded to many, many people who are requesting help with their children’s situations that regard bullying.
I do this because I know the hopeless feeling of not being heard. I have felt the pain and fear in our children’s faces and hearts. I have known the fear of sending our children into “the war zone”, day after day…hoping today will be better but knowing the chances are pretty slim. I do this because I want to help our children. I want to help families, to be happy and less stressed.

I know above all else, that my eleven year old son who has attempted suicide, is no longer a child in some senses. His heart has been so heavy, that it has inevitably changed his childhood. HIS CHILDHOOD! I want to help stop this, I want to give our kids back their right to a childhood…
I do this by writing letters, making phone calls to endless Child Services and Programs, Counsellors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists etc. I contact anyone who may potentially work with children. I send emails, I send out Action Cards, I respond to messages and emails. I phone parents who just need someone to talk to that understands what it is like and that desperately need help. And every time I share, with whomever, what is working in our home… No Such Thing As A Bully (NSTAAB) is working in our home!! I know if you look at my profile, it states that I am a PR person for NSTAAB, and I am! And I love it! I actually feel like I am doing people and potentially the world a service. I feel, in my heart, that I am meant to help people. I spend a minimum of two to three hours a day, working on spreading the knowledge of a system that has helped my son. Sometimes I am up until the wee hours of the morning making lists, researching people/agencies that might be in a position to help YOUR kids, as it has helped Breck.

As I have said in many posts, Breck has his confidence back, he is able to think through the bully actions, the reasons one might be doing the action, how he could respond (usually a list of two or three scenarios) and he is able to pick the one that he feels is the best route, FOR EVERYONE INVOLVED! Not just himself but EVERYONE involved. It has broadened my boys perspective on the subject of bullying. It has helped him to not only get himself out of the situations but it has given him the compassion to change the way some of the kids around him, deal with bullying. It has also helped Breck to recognize his own bully actions and tendencies…we all have them! It is a win win system!!

I am far from perfect, I will never pretend to be! This system has helped me as an adult, reflect on my own feelings and actions!! My reasons for doing some of the things I do. I have coping mechanisms, self preservation techniques. I grew up on the streets of Saskatoon really…did I honestly think I wouldn’t?! I have been in counselling since I was eleven. It’s not that I haven’t worked on myself, to be a better person then I used to be, I will do that until the day I die; strive to be better then I was yesterday. I have done plenty of work and still this system has helped me recognize things in myself that I have yet to be able to crack with the help of a counsellor…SELF REFLECTION PEOPLE!!!!! I think this aspect of the system scares a lot of people, but we shouldn’t fear looking back on ourselves. Self Reflection is a great thing and that is when change can truly happen. As I had mentioned it helping Breck with reflection on his own actions, it has helped me look back on mine. Just look at my original post about Brecks suicide attempt…that is/was a bully action in its own right. I called on an entire town, essentially, because of how they treated my boy and myself since we moved to this area. I was pushed to a snapping point and snap, I did. This system helped me to reflect and quickly move from anger feelings to solution driven actions…think about that. I can be angry all I want but it won’t make the situation any better, it will only add logs to the fire. So I decided to move forward, in ACTION!! NSTAAB has helped me do that!! Kelly Karius has helped me do that!! Ron Graham helped me do that!!! These two beautiful people made this system possible!! I am eternally grateful for them!

Here is the kicker, it’s the best part for me, truly! I said I was “done making money, that I wanted to make a difference”! I am LITERALLY doing just that! I am finally making a difference, one phone call, one email, message and day at a time AND I’m NOT getting paid to do it. I do it because I feel it is important, because our children are worth it!!!! DAMMIT THEY ARE!!! I do it because I KNOW it works! The Parents Manual is the best $21.00 you could invest in, for your child’s future.

So when you hear me talk about No Such Thing As A Bully (NSTAAB), please know I am saying it, not because they pay me to talk about and promote their System, books and services….KNOW that I am saying it because my son is literally LIVING breathing proof that it WORKS!!! In the year and two months since his suicide attempt, NOT ONCE since applying this system in our home, has he regressed to the point where I fear that he will try to take his life again. I do fear for that, only because it will forever be in the back of my mind and I have my own issues with it…but I don’t fear it because Brecks actions and behaviours make me think he will try to end his life again.

So go check out the page, it could literally save your child’s life…and it may just help you out too!!