We will be working on developing more products! Watch for a School kindness calendar, T-shirts, and maybe even a few more books!

Kelly’s going to do more videos! She says she’s going to the gym more too, so we’ll just see about both of those…we’ve heard ‘em before. 😉

A schedule of live classes is going to be available in Red Deer at the Kids in Harmony store! No Such Thing as a Bully Information sessions, but beyond that, classes for family members who are dealing with a loved one depression and anxiety as well as Cognitive Therapy Ideas for managing your own anxiety and depression.

Our online services have increased, making this information available to so many more countries, provinces and states. We love this and will keep expanding on it! An expert a million miles away is no expert at all. The best experts are found in your community and take the time to learn strong solutions.

We’re coming out strong with a website called Canadian Family Solutions. It’s a place for affiliate sales. When you purchase any product on the site, all of which are intended to bring peace to mind, body and spirit, you are helping to support No Such Thing as  the Bully and Moment of Kindness Foundation. Check it out here! 

2018 and beyond…remember – If you can see it, you can create it.