Brief Book of Parenting Cover


Parenting can be tough. This book is for real parents with real children. Real parents who want to develop a strong relationship with their children.

The discipline methods and ideas described in this book are for use with children up to age twelve.

If you have questions about these ideas, are seeking more information, or need to learn to use this information with your children, seek out a parenting class in your area.  Parenting classes offer positive supports and ideas. Parenting supports can help you have a different outlook about your children and your relationship with them.

To find a parenting class in your area, contact your school, an area family center a counselling agency or a mental health center. These agencies will be able to direct you to find a parenting class.

Reading this book and taking a parenting class doesn’t mean you don’t know how to parent. It means that you want to be the best you can in this journey of building a relationship with your child.

See the first 12 pages here – .Brief Book of Parenting – excerpts

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