Are you a parent? Do you know a parent? I’m going to give you some information to pass on to the important people in your life who are raising youth.
We are all concerned about the well being of children, but families where bullying is being experienced have some very specific pain points. They fear for the safety of their children. They worry they will be labelled a difficult family. They are confused and unsure of the path they need to take. They fear creating conflict with other families in their community.
Parents can react to their OWN victimization. If they’ve been bullied in the past, there will be distinctive triggers when their child experiences bullying.
No Such Thing as a Bully has Personal healing & strengthening tools for parents and children. We provide a path for you to understand your child’s actions and advocate peacefully for your child. We help you teach your child strengthening strategies at home.
Take the information to your school too. A school becoming a member clarifies the policy and expectations for all parents. When a school buys into the TIPS system as well, there is a clear path for reporting issues safely, and an ability for parents to assist their child in making disclosures.
This new way of dealing with bullying redefines the problem, moving it away from “us against them” to “us against the problem.” You will spend less money on solutions like tutors and counsellors because you and your child will know all of the skills to manage along the way.

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