Do you know a teacher? Have a teacher? Your assignment this week is forward this blogpost on to a favorite teacher.
The way we are dealing with bullying currently, there is not enough time or energy for teachers to keep up with the demands of educating children, managing bullying and the many other things they do day to day. We need to help teachers change the traditional way of managing bullying.
Teachers find it’s difficult to implement policy consistently, or they might report something they’ve seen but not be involved in the follow up. They receive both too much information and not enough.
Add to that, the reality of human emotion, the fact that so often teachers must buy their own resources, and often the pressures of meeting expectations that are set out by provinces or states – we are setting things up to be very difficult for teachers.
No Such Thing as a Bully includes a clear and systemic policy. It helps to create a team in the school to assist with teaching bullying prevention and managing allegations, investigations and consequences. When TIPS is incorporated into a school, reports are made easily, and records are kept and compiled. Reports go to specific people who are charged with investigating bullying incidents. They can easily connect dots and the balls are never dropped!
When a teacher learns the skills to teach to others, they learn the skills to use themselves as well. These are strengthening tools that help in so many situations. The skills are easy to blend with curricula!
There is no teacher cost when the school purchases a membership and the resources are easily found online, and adapt to any culture.
Kindness initiatives with little ongoing cost contribute to culture change, and when parents are struggling, a resource is available to give to them. The problem is redefined. It’s no longer Us Against Them, but quickly becomes Us Against the Problem. (Reference – Dr. Dan Dana)
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