Confessions of a Bullying Freak

Parents! The Grassroots Movement!

Are you a parent? Do you know a parent? I’m going to give you some information to pass on to the important people in your life who are raising youth.We are all concerned about the well being of children, but families where bullying is being experienced have some...

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Students! You influence.

You might be a student, there are a lot of them on this website, or you might be a parent of a student, a teacher of a student or just an important adult who cares about a student. Your assignment today is to pass this blog post on to a student you know. Keep Reading »

Bullying and Suicide – Yes. They are connected.

I recently did a very important interview with Dori DeCarlo and David Carraturo. It aired on May 24, 2018 and is found at the Word of Mom Podcast. Anyone who knows me knows that I focus on kindness and bullying instead of tragedy and bullying. But sometimes the...

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