Shred the Label, Save a Child!

No Such Thing as a Bully®, is a grass roots, community/school based prevention system that shreds the bully and victim labels. The system contains components for:


The goal is not to find and punish “bullies”, but to encourage those involved in or touched by bullying to examine their own behaviors, leading to a better, safer community.

This system is discussion based. It will adapt to any school or community setting, from First Nations Reserves to Inner City Schools, this information can help your community.

No Such Thing as a Bully® will insure children are educated in an environment conducive to learning. The students using bully actions today are the employees and leaders of tomorrow. The time to break the cycle is now. Bullying is rampant and this system provides a solution by introducing new ideas, new tools and new service delivery methods. The program assists schools with the mounting regulations and documentation requirements of provincial, state and federal anti-bullying legislation. Lets fix bullying problems, rather than fixing the blame.
Click here to see the List of Lessons included in both the parent and school component, (PDF)

About Bullying:

An incident happens once every 7 minutes.
Youth who bully are more likely to cyberbully.
85% of incidents are observed by other kids.
75% support the aggressor.
25% support the wounded.
57% of the time, bullying stops within 10 seconds when a bystander intervenes.

(Dr. Debra Peppler)