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No Such Thing as a Bully is a system that prevents bullying and reverses the effects of bullying on those who have already had the experience of bullying. All people use both bully actions and victim responses, one set of skills solves both. The labelling does not help.
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What makes The No Such Thing as a Bully System Different?

Similar to so many of you, my experiences with bullying started in childhood. I was an emotionful child (a word I use instead of emotional) and took so much to heart. Back then bullying wasn’t seen as detrimental, and wasn’t really addressed. The wounds were deep, but I managed. When I became a Social Worker, I was hired by 20 sets of parents to advocate for their children about a teacher/principal who was alleged to be using abusive actions against their children. Over the next two years, my experience grew as I watched bully actions and victim responses being thrown about by everyone involved, from child to adult. I recognized then, that we were not dealing with bullying in a solution focused way. We weren’t even defining it properly. These experiences, and more, led to the development of The No Such Thing as a Bully System. Stripping the labels, combining all the smartest ideas to strengthen ourselves, working together, these are the answers that are going to bring about true change within self, homes, schools and communities. I am thrilled that you are considering learning more about this revolutionary way to manage bullying issues.

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Parents Say:

“This didn’t just help us with bullying, it has helped me understand and communicate better with my children. It has even helped me set better boundaries with my family and my work. My self-talk has changed. This system is life changing.” Jenna N.

 “I learned to listen more.” William R.



Youth Say:

“This helped. I know how to control my anger now.”   Sarah M. 

“What I notice the most, is that we talk more about things at home. There is way less lecturing, more talking.” Nathan P.

“There is less bullying at my school since No Such Thing as a Bully came here. Kids are better at being nicer.” Laura S. 

 School Officials Say: 

“I have heard a lot of information presented before. It seems like this time it got through to some of the kids who needed it. ” Graham G.

“The No Such Thing as a Bully System and its methodology are so different and innovative. All schools need to look at this.” John L.

“This will be in our school for generations.”
Brenda M. 

What’s Included?

Clients Can Expect the Following:


Online Courses for Parents, Schools and Facilitators

Learn how to coach children through life’s problems! Let us know what your role is – Parent? Teacher? Counsellor? Principal? We’ll guide you to a new learning. 



If you choose to expand on your membership,  consultations with certified facilitators are available to access as you learn how to use this material.


Access to a Community Group to brainstorm and grow!

Admission to a private Facebook group of other people who are using The No Such Thing as a Bully System Materials awaits! 



If you or your organization are leaders, we will help you find the certification program that best fits with your role and how you want to use the material.

Please inquire about additional services not included in memberships:
Live Speaking and Facilitation
School Immersions
Community Immersions
Call Kelly at 403-447-4404 

What Others Are Saying

Don’t just take our word for it

“It was a pleasure to read your book and see how well you present your valuable ideas and strategies for removing the horrible effects of bullying behavior, victim behavior and bystander behavior. Your writing is beautiful, clear, passionate and meaningful. If all parents, children, teachers and administrators could be exposed to your ideas and methods, we could soon have a safer childhood experience for all our loved ones.”

Ralph Kilmann
(Thomas Kilmann Conflict Indicator)

About Kelly

Meet Your Coach

Kelly Karius is an award winning Social Worker, Mediator and Author who is committed to her mission of improving the lives she is able to affect.

Her books include “This is Out of Control! A Practical Guide to Managing Life’s Conflicts”, “The Brief Book of Bullying”, “Burgerslinger”, and “No Such Thing as a Bully; Shred the Label, Save a Child.”

Kelly is well versed in First Nations issues in Canada, and is working with elders at Maskwacis, Alberta, to create a Grandfather’s Lessons version of The No Such Thing as a Bully System.

Kelly is also a founder of The Moment of Kindness Foundation, a non-profit foundation, which uses numbered cards and a data base system to promote a program of random acts of kindness meets technology. Kelly drives around in the #kindnesscar a bright green car that people sign with a sharpie marker to pledge kindness.

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